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Businesses of all size need protection. Business owners, partners and certain key employees can be vital to the success of a business. Health Shop can help you decide which policies best protect your business.
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Critical Illness policies can be vital to protect business owners and the business itself. Statistically a business owner is more likely to incur financial loss due to an accident or illness. Some policies offer a cash benefit that may be used with no restrictions, allowing a business to sustain itself due to a temporary or permanent absence of an owner or key person.
There are disability policies for businesses that can protect business owners by providing monthly income or reimbursement for business overhead expenses, so a business can continue to operate if a key person experiences a disabling illness or accident.
Disability Policies
Life Insurance policies can protect your family and your business in the event of the loss of a key employee or owner. These policies are often required by investors and lenders to protect their business investments.

Life Insurance
Critical Illness
Business Protection
Protect Your Business and      
Purchasing individual life insurance allows the policy holder to choose very customized coverage and one that fits your budget. There are basically two types of individual policies, term life and permanent life. Term insurance policies generally provide the largest death protection at the lowest cost. Term insurance is generally a simple death benefit that covers the policy holder for a specific period of time, anywhere from one to 30 years. Permanent insurance policies can not only offer a death benefit but can build cash value over your lifetime. Permanent policies can offer a variety of investment options and have more flexibility to adjust benefit and premiums as your needs change. Health Shop highly recommends using an agent to shop a variety of carriers to ensure you have a full view of all options available to you.
Individual Life Policies
Group Life Policies
Group Life Insurance is an extremely valued additional benefit and is a very affordable way to provide added protection for employees and their families.  There are a wide variety of plan designs available, speak to a Health Shop agent to find the right one for your business.
Whatever your needs, we have a plan for you! We offer group and individual dental plans designed for maximum flexibility and coverage, allowing you to use specific dental networks and/or dentists you select.  Please contact us for a free quote and consultation.
Dental Insurance

Giving your family something to smile about.
The ACA require medical products in the small group and individual markets to include the essential health benefit (EHB) of pediatric oral health and vision but generally cover a more limited list of procedures than an individual or group policy. If a group currently provides dental and/or vision to dependent children, the pediatric oral health benefit in a group or individual’s plan will overlap for children under age 19
ACA Required Pediatric Dental
Individual Disability Coverage
Individual disability insurance offers the most comprehensive disability coverage. The coverage amount is based on the policy holder's current monthly income and the amount determined to be adequate to cover monthly financial obligations. Individual policies offer more personalized coverage, generally a policy can cover up to 70% of an individuals monthly income and an injury or illness need not be work related. Where some group policies only cover work related incidents and generally only cover up to 45% of a workers monthly income.
Disability insurance is a preventative policy designed to protect your home, your savings and your way of life. Many of us protect our families with life insurance in case of an untimely death. While this is an important benefit, statistically families are more likely to suffer financial devastation due to an injury or illness. Disability insurance policies offer monthly payments to supplement lost income of a primary household earner due to an injury or illness. 
Offering group disability insurance can be a valued added benefit to attract and retain quality employees. The main advantages of group disability policies are that many group policies are guaranteed issued and it's affordability.
Group Disability Coverage
Denver Health Insurance Agency
One in seven people will become disabled for five years or more
...before age 65.
It is important to understand the details of a disability policy, so the policy holder is not left vulnerable to situations that affect a policy payout. Type of disability policy, conditions covered and length of time a policy pays out must be clearly defined. ​ 
Health Shop agents can help you balance between finding the right policy to fit your personal needs and works with your budget. 
Disability Insurance
Denver Health Insurance Agency
Individual Coverage
Critical Illness is a preventative policy designed to alleviate the financial burden that comes with the diagnosis of covered critical conditions. Some carriers include up to 21 covered critical illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, or cancer and the diagnosis does not need to be terminal. Upon diagnosis, a tax free, lump sum, cash benefit is paid directly to you. You have the freedom to use it for anything from deductibles, prescriptions, childcare to mortgage payments.
Employee / Group Coverage
In today's economy, health insurance has become an increasing burden to employers. Many have had to raise deductibles, copays and take away coverage to keep costs manageable. Supplemental policies like Critical Illness and Disability can help supplement costs such as deductibles and even loss of income. 

The miracle of today's medical advances may save your life, but can create long term financial challenges. Many patients are unable to work for a substantial period of time, return to their previous profession, or are unable to work altogether. 
Every 30 seconds someone files for bankruptcy after loss of income due to illness or injury... 
78% of those had health insurance
Critical Illness Insurance
The concept of life insurance is simple. You pay a premium for a specific amount of time, in case of an untimely death, a beneficiary will receive the amount listed in the policy. However, not all insurance policies are the same. There are numerous options that allow for more than just a death benefit, but have cash value components one can use for retirement or as an investment. Premiums can vary from each carrier  for the same coverage, so it is very important to shop the market. Health Shop can help you find the right policy for individuals or group plans.
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Life Insurance
Disability Insurance
Critical Illness 
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